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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nick Sheehy (aka Showchicken)

"The Map and The Message"  pencil on paper, cyber colour (i.e. digital color)  2010

"Songs"  acrylic, ink and pencil on paper  2010

"Stocks"  acrylic, ink and pencil on bristol board  2010

"Tall Bird" Pencil on paper, electric rainbow paint (i.e. digital color)  2010

Moleskine Frog  2011
I feel like a dope for not having posted this work a long time ago. I guess I thought I had. Anyway I came across Nick Sheehy's work on Flickr some time early in 2010 and have been a fan ever since. His unique surrealist narrative vision begs the viewer's mind for a rich tapestry of story and myth. It's as if the mythology, the gods and heroes and queer characters that inhabit his work have always existed, we just forgot about them until Mr. Sheehy came along with the illustrations to remind us of this elaborate heritage.

After an apparent creative block he recently began doodling in his sketchbook a series of tentacle infested animal portraits that are just as engaging and promise a rich new vein of material to come.
To see more of his work go to the aforementioned Flickr page or his website: www.showchicken.com

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