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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Josh Dorman

"The Big Picture"  Ink, acrylic, graphite, collage on panel  33" x 34"  2011

"Tower of Babel"  Ink, acrylic, oil, antique paper on 32 adjoining panels  96" x 48"  2008
"A Cautionary Tale"  Ink, acrylic, collage on panels  36" x 68"  2008

"Night Fishing II"  Ink, acrylic, collage on panel  34" x 36"  2008

"A Mighty Rain"  ink, acrylic, collage on panel  33" x 34"  2011
Josh dorman is an obsessive collector of old paper, especially pre-photography printed materials. He hordes outdated topographic maps and textbooks, technical illustrations and the like. Then, in a combination of collage and painting, he builds images rife with subtle and often random associations that nonetheless come together with compelling completeness.  Because of the nature of his material, his work is rife with images of natural history and technology. The two themes square off against each other in the eternal conflict that defines mankind's unique condition; both creator and creature, master and manipulator of the environment while at the same time as dependent upon it as any other living thing. But there is far too much room in his work to get stuck on general themes like this. Part of the fun (and yes, there is a definitely an element of fun here for all the riffs on human hubris), is to take the time and look through the details. Some of the images here can be viewed larger, but I recommend going to his website where you can view the images really large and spend a little time poring over his meticulous presentation of a fine collection indeed.
 (better yet, if you happen to be in NYC between now and Oct. 22 swing by Mary Ryan Gallery over in Chelsea to see work in person.)

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