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Thursday, January 13, 2011

William D. Lewis

"The Next Morning"  2010  Oil on Linen  77"x84"

"Medusa"  2010  Oil on Canvas  60"x76"

"Smolder I"  2010  Oil on canvas  30"x40"

"Embers"  2009  Oil on Canvas  36"x36"

"Night Fire"  2010  Oil on Canvas  64" diameter

Wiiliam D. Lewis' interests have consistently moved along the boundary between representation and abstraction. Much of his work bridged this gap in a very conspicuous way, adding abstract elements alongside or overlapping representational ones or setting representational objects in abstract arrangements. However, in his more recent work, especially his paintings of the smoldering aftermaths of burn piles, he uses the native abstraction of his subject matter to blur rather bridge the divide. His somber palette and loose brushwork both help to evoke the experience of the scene. 

Check out more of William's work on his website:  wmlewispainting.com

In an odd twist of coincidence I came across his work because it was mentioned by the gallery directory at the Visual Arts Center in Boise ID. Where I'll have a painting in a juried show that opens January 28th. That painting is of a bridge on fire. My name is David Lewis by the way. William's middle name is David. wooo-oooo.

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