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Thursday, January 6, 2011

David Molesky

"On a Detour From Valhalla"  oil on linen  45" x 58"  2008

"Hill Fire"  oil on panel  20" x 30"  2009

"Rogue"  oil on canvas  36" x 48"  2009

"Sliding Down Tongues"  oil on linen  50" x 85"  2010

"Southbound Junction" oil on linen  16" x 26"  2010
"Griffith Park"  oil on linen  24" x 30"  2010

David Molesky's paintings revel in the primacy of nature. Much of his work embraces chaos and randomness, especially his vast series of waves and sea spume. But inherent in even these pieces is a suggestion of meaning, as if these displays of chaos are not merely that. For us, the human observer, a they can be a focal point for meditation, for wonder. His work has a mystical streak running through it as he strives to convey his own profound experiences of the world in paint (he has travelled widely and had several life threatening adventures including being held hostage by pirates - there's a fascinating interview on the Juxtapoz website). Mr. Molesky studied under the exceptionally odd and quasi-mystical Scandinavian painter Odd Nerdrum, and the relationship was clearly a good one. Fortunately he never succumbed to the desire to emulate the style of Mr. Nerdrum as others have. Instead he has found his own path to his own ends.
Go to his website: www.davidmolesky.com to see more.
...and congratulations to Mr. Molesky on having his work included in the 91st edition of New American Painting.

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