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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nicolás Uribe - 2

It's a week for revisits. I originally posted some of his work last December.
Nicolás Uribe is one of those painters that seems capable of painting just about anything in any style. He's taken quite a variety of approaches over the last decade or so. But there's an unrelenting love of realistic modeling that he just won't let go of. Thankfully. He's not afraid to bend reality though, and lately he's taken to doing a kind of multi-portraiture, exploring one figure several times on the same canvas to give us a sense of the living, changing, moving person being captured by the often stiff and formal media of paint. For all his deft and seemingly effortless brushwork, I think this recent quote from his blog is quite revealing, and an encouraging sentiment for the rest of us painters:
"there are times when a painting just paints itself and the end result is aboslutely wonderful, and you are shocked at how simple painting can be. And then there are other times, which are more recurring than one would hope for, where the act of painting becomes chaotic and unforgiving. I honestly think these are the paintings that truly make you feel like you're a painter."
Check out his website ( www.uribearts.com ) or follow his blog for the latest work in progress and thoughts on art.

"Medusa Medley" oil on canvas 200x150cm 2010

"Trophy" 2009

"Voodoo Child" oil on canvas 200x150cm 2010

"Voodoo Child" - detail

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