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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Simon McWilliams

Simon McWilliams paints the bones of things like they were flowers. Sometimes He paints flowers too. But his favorite subject seems to be iron and steel; scaffolding, girders, the skeletal forms of half finished high rises. Other architectural subjects crop up as well; gates and staircases and greenhouses and chandeliers. His ability to apply brilliant color in an expressive painterly manner to these otherwise austere images can be a fascinating juxtaposition, especially with the buildings, which normally we would perceive as bleak eyesores. Instead there is a kind of fascinating triumphal quality to them. Like Breugel's take on the "Tower of Babel", we know that all this crazy construction might be a bad idea, but damn if it isn't really really cool.

There is quite a lot of work on his website www.simonmcwilliams.com

"Arc II" oil on canvas 29" x 35"

"Red Apartments" oil on canvas

"Traffic Lights II" oil on canvas

"ESB Gas Turbine Power Station" oil on canvas

"Mist in the Palmhouse" oil on canvas

I'd like to acknowledge Skotia Gallery in Santa Fe, NM for introducing me to his work

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