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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Michael Schall

Looking at the gallery website representing Ryan Mrozowski (my previous post) I came across this artist. Michael Schall creates enigmatic narrative scenes of colossal human exuberance. There is an ominous tone to all these visions and while some depict clear warnings or criticisms of our hubris, I also get the distinct impression that he's impressed and awed by, and almost giddy with excitement about, the sheer scale and absurdity of human endeavor. His work is often, though not always, suggestive of some possible future and that future may be both thrilling and terrifying at the same time.
He works in extraordinary detail in graphite, so much of what these pieces must convey in person is lost in an online format. The detail images here are really important. I wish I could include just one that was really close up to see the meticulous individual pencil marks themselves. The black and white format also serves him well as it removes us one step from the almost overwhelming realism and heightens the pure drama of it all.
See more great stuff at www.michaelschall.com
and some more at www.pierogi2000.com

"Remaking the Night Sky" graphite on paper 41.25" x 59.75" 2008

"Remaking the Night Sky" detail

"Mist" 2008 Graphite on Paper 12" x 16"

"Pool of Light" graphite on paper 22" x 30" 2009

"Pool of Light" detail

"Rebuilding the Quarries" graphite on paper 40" x 60" 2008

"Rebuilding the Quarries" detail

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