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Monday, April 5, 2010

Kevin Bell

Kevin Bell takes a sly look at the modern American landscape. In one series of paintings entitled "Land-Object" he separates out fragments of land that are already broken up by man-made structures or boundaries. He points out that this is how we experience landscape; little plots and parts and parcels all jumbled up with, and broken apart by the made made structures that are so integrated into everything we see. His other paintings consider this fact as well, carefully depicting the more mundane and ubiquitous aspects of our contemporary environment. The hills and trees, the flat open plains and distant mountains exist only as backdrop to our car windshield, the rest stop toilet, or our sliding glass door. All of this is painted with a subdued palette that reminds me of haze and heat and a certain lethargy that seems, somehow, very appropriate to the disromantic point of view.
see more at his website: kevinjackbell.com

"Ditch" 45"x27" oil on canvas

"Mountain" 45"x26" oil on canvas

"Banana" 19"x17"

"Rest Room" 28"x35"

"Transformer Fire" 26"x34"

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