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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Inka Essenhigh

Ms. Essenhigh's peculiar drawing style has evolved into a singularly visionary approach. Her painting is tight and illustrative allowing the drawing to play the lead role along with her carefully controlled color compositions. The overall effect is one of mystical surrealism. The mystical take is not the typical shallow new age positivism, but rather a bracing mixture of psychological mythology both dark and light.
You can see more at her website: www.inka-essenhigh.com It's interesting to look through her older work as well and see how her vision has evolved over time, especially coming to a new level of maturity in the last few years.

"Lower East Side" 2009 oil on canvas 70 x 74 inches

"Fog, Moss, Lichen" 2008 oil on canvas 64 x 72 inches

"Minor Sea Gods of Maine" 2009 oil on canvas 74 x 68 inches

"The Grass at Night in July" 2006 oil on canvas 42 x 46 inches

"Molly Waiting In Field"
2009 oil on canvas 72 x 64 inches

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