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Monday, August 17, 2009

Alex Kanevsky

He has an interesting feature on his website where you can watch a sequence of images of his paintings as they develop. I've seen the like on other sites but what makes his so interesting is that each step is more like a different version of the same painting, instead of a steady progression toward completeness. He just keeps repainting it over and over until he gets the results he wants. These paintings aren't layered in the traditional sense but they develop what he calls holes through which you can see bits and pieces of the earlier paintings. It's all very immediate and seemingly effortless though of course it really isn't.
While most of his work centers around the nude he tackles other subjects as well, often with reference to earlier 20th century artists.
There's much more to see at his website www.somepaintings.net/Alex.html

"Blue Bathroom" 36x36" 2009

"Interior With Meat" 36x36" 2006

"JFH - Knee Deep in Water" 36x36" 2009

[I love this painting but Water? Really?]

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