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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Robert McCauley

"Meanwhile In Another Part of the Forest" 48" x 36"  oil on canvas on panel  2011

"When Worlds Collide"  48" x 32"  oil on canvas on panel  2011

"Edge of Town"  48" x 32"  oil on canvas on panel  2011

"The Discovery of Slowness"  56" x 38"  oil on canvas on panel  2008

"Don't Expect Me To Illustrate Your Fears"  30" x 48"  oil on canvas on canvas  2010

Robert McCauley's paintings are sometimes cryptic, sometimes comical, but always compelling portraits of wildlife. He often incorporates titles into the work itself, which are suggestive but never simply explanatory, allowing the work to breathe with meaning in the mind of the viewer. This is what art should do; draw you in and direct your attention without telling you precisely what to think. Rather it should prompt you to think. Like the presence of Sputnik in the piece "When Worlds Collide", it is the unexpected which often has the most powerful impact and can have the knack of interrupting our normal thought processes, forcing us to reevaluate our expectations from an image and impel us to think along new lines. These paintings will linger in my mind long after I stop looking at them. I sincerely hope they have the same effect on you.
You can see more at the artist's website: mccauleyart.artspan.com

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