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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

John Evans

"New Orleans Botanical Gardens Pool - 2"  48" x 60"

"Regal Ceremony"  60" x 72"

"Incantation"  12" x 12"

"Evening"  16" x 13"

"A Curious Ring of Boats"  oil on canvas  60" x 96"

Painting is nothing more than arrangements of colors and shapes on a flat surface. This fundamental fact is of course what led artists to finally explore abstraction in the early twentieth century and it has been a viable and dynamic from of expression ever since. But all painting relies on abstraction. Representation is merely the interpretation of three dimensional reality into 2-dimensional abstract shapes and colors. The blurred borderlands between abstraction and representation is the entire focus of many artist's work including John Evans. Real places in the world (a beach, a botanical garden) are ostensibly his subject, but they are mere excuses for exploring the power of composition. These are bright and cheerful works by an artist who wants to delight. And he manages to do so with a real gift for color and a rich array of marks and textures. There's plenty to look at on his website: www.evansartstudio.com
...and you can see his work in person of you happen to be in New York City at Gallery Henoch.
He's also represented by galleries in Nantucket MA, Greenwich CT, Laguna Beach CA, Palm Desert CA and San Francisco.

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