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Monday, April 16, 2012

Mathew Borrett

"The Ground Came In Quietly"  ink on paper

"Exploring a Hypnogogic City" - ink on paper
"A Nightmare Remembered 17 Years Later" - ink on paper
Hiding Places - ink on paper
"Each Dream a Grain of Sand"  ink on paper

Usually I like to post recent work by an artist. Every one of these drawings is from a series that the artist did in 2003. Most of his more recent work seems to be in the area of architectural illustration, some hand drawn, some digital. It's excellent work. All of it. But this series is just too good to pass up. There is a distinct Escher-like quality to them. That has a lot to do with the architectural geometry of the pieces and the black and white technique. Escher's interest's however were more specifically about geometry, and optical illusion. Mathew Borret is more specifically concerned with architecture throughout his work, how things are built, and how their exteriors conceal or reveal the nature of their interiors. In this series he uses that as a metaphor for dreams. In most an empty bed lies close to a possibly endless maze of alternate interior spaces leading ever deeper into the recesses of the mind and it's imagination.
Check out more of these and his other work on his website: mathewborrett.squarespace.com

and thanks to the folks at: www.booooooom.com where these came to my attention.

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