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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Matt Brackett

"When the Wind is Blowing in the East"  36"h x 36"w  oil on linen on aluminum panel  2011

"The Familiars"  36"h x 48"w  oil on canvas on panel  2011

"An Infinite Whole"  60"h x 35"w  oil on canvas on panel  2012

"The Shallowers"  25"h x 48"w  oil on linen on aluminum panel  2010

"Sink and Swim II"  4"h x 5 3/4"w  oil on linen on aluminum panel  2010

I first posted Matt Brackett's work in December 2009.A couple weeks ago i got an email announcing some new work and this is some of it. If you are at all interested in narrative art and natural realism then this is an artist for you. His figurative work has given way to scenes with animals, partly inspired by children's stories and books shared with his daughter. But in these decidedly grown up narratives the animals take on deeper mythological overtones. There is no single interpretation to be had. As with all myth, ambiguity lies at the heart of its richness, so that meaning is not one thing, but layered in such a fashion that it cannot be objectively identified, only intuited. You can see more of this work plus his earlier family life tableaus on his website: www.mattbrackett.com

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