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Monday, January 23, 2012

Xiaoze Xie

"Chinese Library No. 42"  oil on canvas  32" x 61"  2010

"Chinese Library No. 43"  oil on canvas  42" x 80"  2010

title unknown
"Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto #2"  Photogravure print  2007  14 3/5 x 20 8/9 inches 
title unknown

Xiaoze Xie is a professor of art at Stanford, a painter, photographer and installation artist. Almost all of his work is about printed material, especially books and newspapers, and how these materials are variously glorified and neglected, preserved or destroyed. It makes for an interesting commentary on our own digital information deluge which is so transparently ephemeral. He seems to be saying, see... it has always been thus. The fact that his work is representational and in a sense very traditional reflects on the subject matter as well; the old commenting on the new. I won't add any more here except to say that it is worth reading his own artist statement.
To look at more work you can look at the Stanford website or at some of his gallery's websites, notably Chambers Fine Art and Davidson Gallery

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