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Monday, January 30, 2012

David deVillier

"The Giant"  oil on wood panel  48" x 47.5"

"The White Meditation"  oil on steel panel  24" x 30"

"The Woman Who Dreams of Other Lives"  oil on panel with steel frame  55" x 55"

"Blue Fox/Blue Woods"  oil on wood panel  48" x 48"

"The Hiding Place"  oil on canvas  30" x 30"

David Devillier is a painter and sculptor originally from Louisiana, currently residing in Idaho. He's an obvious fan of materials, painting on a variety of surfaces from wood panels and canvas to steel in addition to working in 3-d. For his painting he combines hard edged lines and graphic structural forms with a loose energetic application of paint, allowing accident to mingle with design. It's a nice effect. But at it's heart the work is narrative. He employs a variety of thematic set-pieces and characters designed to provoke a tale rather than simply tell one. Recently two of the central elements in his works are trees of all sorts, usually solitary, sometimes in small groups, ...and snowmen. While there is no way for me to know what snowmen signify for the artist personally, I find them a touching and oddly comic commentary on our own ephemeral and fragile existence. Or maybe I just obsessed over the Frosty the Snowman melting in the greenhouse too much as a kid. Anyway, the work is there for you to look at for yourself and make of it what you will. He has a website (daviddevillier.com), but it appears to be a work in progress without much to actually look at yet so I recommend starting with Gail Severn Gallery.

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