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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Robert Minervini

"Regeneration" acrylic on canvas  46" x 50"  2010

"Reclamation Project"  Oil, acrylic and spray paint on canvas  46" x 50"  2010

"The Rising Tide"  acrylic, oil and spray paint on canvas  46" x 50"  2010
"LA (sell me something else)"  acrylic on canvas  50" x 68"  2009 
"Tomorrow Dreams"  acrylic on canvas  75" x 126"  2011  

Robert Minervini's sometimes cryptic paintings are a curious blend of old fashioned heroic landscape from the days of Bierstadt and Caspar David Friedrich, and a modern urban post-apocalyptic chic, complete with graffiti and graphic art influences. It sounds unlikely but you can see the results for yourself. Forlorn high-rises and super highway flyovers soar into the miasma of a palm tree swamp or above the creeping reclamation of invasive city plants. He combines textured rendering with flat stenciled shapes and a graphic feel, and ties it all together with sometimes unlikely but effective color palettes. All of this lends a surreal weight to a vision of the modern urban environment which is both bleak and pop at the same time. While painting is his primary medium, he also produces installations, sculpture and murals.

You can look through all of it on his website: robertminervini.com and keep track of latest news and other tidbits on his blog, robertminervini.blogspot.com

His work was published recently in New american Painting 91

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