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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Daniel Coves

 Daniel Coves is young Spanish artist, born in 1985. Last year he had a piece included in the BP Portrait award show in London. His compositions are simple and elegant and his use of a single light source, often dim and directly overhead add an atmosphere of melancholy to what are otherwise very formal images. His brushwork as well is economical, realistic without being needlessly fussy, showily bravura, or painstakingly meticulous. Everything here is direct, realistic and formal. They are traditional but with a modern, almost minimalist aesthetic. There's really not much more to say. The work speaks quite elegantly for itself.

He has a website but there is no English translation and very little work on it. Rather, go to his Flickr page to see more.
(note: A lot of the images there are a little dark. I have attempted to brighten them here while retaining the overall color balance)

"autorretrato con camisa negra"  (self portait in Black Shirt)  oil on board  90x90cm  2009

 "Eli y naranja quebrado"  oil on linen  180x120cm  2010

"Eli y blanco de plomo"  oil on canvas  120x100cm  2010

untitled  oil on linen  46x81cm  2010

Composition no. 1  oil on linen  100x50cm  2010

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