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Monday, October 18, 2010

Brett Amory

Brett Amory currently lives and works in Oakland California, and the series of paintings that he's been exploring since 2001 comes directly from that experience. More specifically they stem from his observations of fellow urbanites and the urban experience while waiting for the BART, or Bay area Transit System. Gradually some of the images have moved away from the specific locality of the Bart stations, but the overall theme and subject has remained. Whether he's painting the white washed flood of noonday or the dark of night, the figures in his work find themselves lost in a fragmented, almost abstracted environment. Sound like city life to you? His work manages to capture both the sense of disconnected isolation and the routine banality that are often the hallmarks of urban life. But there is also the underlying theme of potential change, that sense of waiting for something else, the hope that draws people to the city in the first place.
To see more, check out his website at brettamory.com or you can take a look at his work on bluecanvas.com

"Waiting #61"  oil on wood panel  10" x 48"  2010

 "Waiting #52"  oil on wood panel  48" x 48"  2010

 "Waiting #59"  oil on wood panel  24" x 36"  2010

 "Waiting #66"  oil on wood panel  48" x 48"  2010

 "Waiting #61"  oil on wood panel  24" x 36"  2010

"Waiting #48"  oil on wood panel  24" x 48"  2010

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