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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Selena Maestrini

Recently I came across the work of Selena Maestrini on Flickr (thanks to a posting there by artist Tim Lowly). These are small pieces that might go almost unnoticed on a gallery wall except for those with the patience and interest to get up close and scrutinize. But the web makes this distinction unimportant, and the more I looked the more I found to like. Her work relies on a variety of mark making and incredibly rich textures to fill out sparse compositions and simple drawing. The combination in her capable hands is highly effective, especially in her portrayals of utilitarian spaces. She looks carefully at forgotten corners, bits of shelving and table surfaces, expanses of floor, and finds evocative patterns and shapes. And there's light. It's often subtle but it's always there and handled with the same deceptive simplicity as everything else. There's a tremendous amount of work to look through so get started.

l'unico colore 18x14



laura 16,2x12,5

contenitori 12,2x16,5cm

Elisa 14x13cm

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