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Monday, March 8, 2010

Elia Mauceri

There is no information about the artist on his Flickr site. Most of the paintings are untitled. On his profile page under hometown he has written Fanculo, which is italian for "Fuck off". Under profession: fancazzista. You get the idea. So.... I figure he's probably from Italy. The only other thing that I know is that his aggressive mixed media portraits are raw, immediate, and at their best, disturbingly powerful. He has only been posting since December 2008 but his work has evolved dramatically in barely over a year. It's an interesting and rather exciting progression. It would be nice to have a little more information on many of the pieces, sizes and materials, but regardless I'll be looking forward to seeing where he takes all this in the future.

"Daria" (March 2010)

untitled (February 2010)

untitled (February 2010)

olio su tela 100 x 100 cm (December 2009)

Figure 3 80 x 90cm (January 2009)

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  1. I love these paintings....especially the naked woman.