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Friday, April 24, 2009

David Tinman Edgar

This is a local artist who had an abstract piece in a small show at a library hereabouts (I also had a piece there, which is the only reason I saw it). There was something about it that made me think the artist did more than abstraction. I was right and here's a couple of other pieces along with that abstract I saw in the library. I'd love to see these Humvee paintings in person.
His website is www.tinmanstudio.org

"Acute Nostalgia"

"Lost in Imperium"

"Squeaky Brakes"

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  1. You can see Dave's Humvee paintings in person at the Walters Cultural Art Center in Hillsboro now through July 29, 2009. He is in a exhibit with me and Julia Haack, a Seattle sculptor. The Humvee paintings are in the lower level.

    Alan Rose