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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Vitaly Martynenko

These fantastic still lifes were posted by someone identified only as Tomatto on flickr.
He or she also has posted a lot of other art of very different styles. There's enough great stuff to make it worthwhile digging through. None of the pieces are properly titled.

This last piece here is posted on the same site as if by the same artist but while the still lifes are signed M.B. the cows are clearly signed something like Martinenko V.

An explanation:
Hello David. I am glad you so curious. It is very simply explane. I am is Russian and live in Russia, so I sign my painting in cirylic , sometime in English. My name is Vitaly Martynenko (Виталий Мартыненко in Russian). So, when I sign B.M. it's mean V.M. (Vitaly Martynenko), when I sign M.B. it's mean M.V. (Martynenko Vitaly), Sometime I sign my painting ( for US gallery) V. Martynenko. I hope I explane you. You are is very considerate, I like it. Thank you for letter.
Vitaly Martynenko (Виталий Мартыненко

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