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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mark England

"Umber America"  48" x 74"  2012

title unknown

title unknown
"China"  2008

"First Vision"  2012

Mark England's paintings blur the line between map and landscape. What appear at first to be imaginary constructs are in fact references to very real places. There is no attempt to accurately portray the cartography or terrain but rather to pile on symbolic motifs and layers of meaning and associative objects. The intent is to portray the landscape not as an objective reality but as subjective experience awash in personal history and cultural contexts. Whether you see them in this or light or not almost doesn't matter because their beguiling complexity draws you into them regardless. Like the vast panoramic moral landscapes of Heironymous Bosch they invite the eye to wander from one intriguing detail to another, zooming in and back out trying to take the measure of the whole and the parts all at once. Too see more go to the Artist's website: markenglandart.com
His work will be included in two upcoming group shows at Visions West Gallery in Bozeman, Montana from July 12 through August 8 , and at their gallery in Denver from July 5 through the 31st so if you happen to be near either one go check it out.

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