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Friday, April 26, 2013

Simon Nicholas

Bankside,   Oil on Linen, 61" x 65"

Philharmonia IV,   Oil on Linen, 63" x 67"

Turbine Hall VI,  Acrylic on Linen, 79" x 55"

AMARC II,  Arylic on Linen, 34" x 62"

Crossing,   Oil on Linen, 65" x 61"

Simon Nicholas exhibits work in the same New York City Gallery as the previous artist I posted (Kim Cogan), and their work makes for an interesting contrast. While Cogan's work features the isolation that cities can often emphasize, Simon Nicholas' work focuses squarely on the central facts of city life; the crowds and the large buildings. Cogan's paintings which rarely features actual figures are clearly portraits of an individual experience of the urban environment. Nicholas' work on the other hand is swarming with figures and presents a relatively impersonal and sometimes nearly abstracted portrait of civic existence. The people become mere pattern and texture, creating a sense of movement within the formal and immobile geometrical confines of the city's buildings and streets. His interests in the regularities of  geometric forms and the chaotic textures of crowds also led the artist to become fascinated with places like AMARC (Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center - now AMARG) near Tucson, Arizona where literally thousands of old disabled aircraft sprawl across the desert as if they dwelt in a city of their own.
The artist does not appear to have his own website but there are a few more examples of his work at

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