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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Brooks Shane Salzwedel

"East River Bridge"  graphite, tape and resin  24" x 36"  2012

"The Arch"  graphite, tape and resin  24" x 36"  2012

"The Fourth"  mixed media  24" x 36"  2012

"Plume #1"  mixed media  12" x 8"  2009

"Station, Texas"  graphite, tape and resin  10" x 5"  2008

Some works translate more easily to reproductions than others, be it in print or online. This is a case in which I'm guessing that the translation is a poor, poor substitute for the real thing. The technique used here is apparently a layering of resins and transparent tape over graphite drawing which results in an atmospheric fog-like depth. It lends the images the verisimilitude of old photographs that have that push and pull between the immediacy of a solid reality and the dreamlike distance of time. The subject matter is often a visual interplay between man made structures, especially various aerial towers and more recently bridges, and the dominant structures of the natural landscape; trees and mountains. In some of the images the two seem to harmonize, even reflect one another. In others the inherent tensions of the comparison come forth. But either way there seems to be no straightforward literal interpretation for the viewer to take home and congratulate him or herself upon discovering. The meaning, like the graphite images images themselves, is blurred and distant, shimmering beneath layers of possible context. What is clear however is the evocative power of the imagery which I can only imagine is even more effective in person.
There's more to look through at the artist's website: www.brookssalzwedel.com

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