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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Maggie Evans

Forgotten Conversations, 35” x 60”, charcoal on paper, 2009
Difficult Decision, 25” x 36”, pastel on paper, 2009

Hesitation, 18” x 13”, pastel on paper, 2010

Vulnerable Position, 18” x 34”, pastel on paper, 2010

Anticipation, 30” x 36”, pastel on paper, 2010
Maggie Evans creates complex psychological spaces simply by arranging chairs and tables in particularly defined interior spaces. Ok, maybe it's not quite that simple. Much of the psychological evocation comes from the ghostly quality of her technique, using pastels on stretched paper. Nonetheless, there is something remarkable about her ability to use the same very basic elements over and over, and create such a variety of subtly nuanced social scenarios. All without figures or faces. Some of her earlier work depicting bar scenes did include figures. But it seems that the figures faded over time until they eventually vanished altogether. Against expectation this allowed for a richer psychological atmosphere to occupy the images. Instead of specific individuals experiencing a specific situations she used the remaining furniture as symbolic stand-ins for any manner of individuals, allowing the mere position and proximity of them to indicate the potential for tension. The work is about this psycho-social potential instead of mere portrayal and interpretation. You can see more of her work including those bar scenes on her website: www.maggieevansart.com

I saw her work in the latest issue of New american Paintings (issue 94 - southern region). Congratulations Maggie.

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