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Monday, August 16, 2010

Kevin Sloan

The term magic realism is easily the most apt moniker for the paintings of Kevin Sloan. They draw on the comfortable and familiar imagery of nineteenth century landscape and wildlife paintings while introducing a surrealist narrative. But they're not quite surrealism. They do not have the jarring effect that surrealist paintings often strive for to mimic the unbridled dream imagery of the subconscious. Nor are they allegories or strictly speaking, symbolic of anything in particular. They use the language of symbolism to evoke in the viewer a personal response. The artist does not seem to be interested in informing the viewer of some new insight. These are meant to entertain and engage in a more relaxed manner. The viewer is invited to speculate about the images, and is welcome to draw whatever conclusions they want. Those seeking strict meaning should probably abandon that notion. Just enjoy and let your mind wander.

There's plenty to wander through at kevinsloan.com

"The Worriers" 24" x 48"

"The Rare Flower" 30" x 60"

"Finding Time" 48" x 36"

"Abundance: Oranges" 30" x 24"

"Birds of America: Greater Flamingo" 48" x 36"

Thanks to artistaday.com for introducing me this artist.

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