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Monday, March 1, 2010

Todd Schorr

Here's some pop-surrealist madness for a Monday morning. Todd Schorr has gathered a headful of mid-twentieth century pop cultural ephemera and mixed it up with equal portions post nuclear apocalyptic hysteria and Dali-esque dream imagery to create a unique body of work. While it definitely exists within the framework of a larger genre, most of the other artists working along these lines cross cuteness and black humor with a knowing wink. Todd Schorr lowers the cute factor a notch or two, leaves the black humor in play, and revs up the neuroses with just enough realism to give you the distinct impression that he is, after all, quite serious. His work is a dazzling portrait of at least one aspect of the American psyche and if it all seems a little crazy, well, that's no accident.
There's plenty to look at on his website: www.toddschorr.com

"Ape Worship" 96" x 120" acrylic on canvas 2008

"Ape Worship" - detail

"Parade of the Damned" 72" x 96" acrylic on canvas 2005
(with a nice nod to Pieter Breugel the elder "Dulle Griet" 1562 )

"Sweet Tooth" 24" x 18" acrylic on canvas 2005

"Antidote for a Worrisome World" 10" x 8" acrylic on panel 2006

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