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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Carl Randall

I was first struck by this night scene for reasons anyone who has looked at my own work will understand. (I particularly like the use of red to capture that peculiarly urban light). While there are more paintings that are quite good, I was overwhelmed when I looked at his relatively more recent portrait drawings in Japan, including survivors of the bomb in Hiroshima.
There are more paintings and plenty of drawings to look through at his website (but nothing to indicate what he's done in the past couple of years): carlrandall.com

"House at Night" 65x45" 1999

"Portrait of Hibakusha - Mr. Kakuta" (survivor of the atomic bomb, Hiroshima) 35x45cm 2005

"Portrait of Hibakusha - Ms. Hideko Takahata" (survivor of the atomic bomb, Hiroshima) 35x45cm 2005

"Portrait of Donald Richie" 60x45cm 2005

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