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Thursday, February 6, 2014

"Brink" at Antler Gallery

My favorite little gallery in Portland is Antler. The title of their current group show is fairly self explanatory. More and more creatures teeter on the edge of oblivion and more and more fall off that edge every year. A new mass extinction event like the one that killed off the dinosaurs is well under way. And it depresses the hell out of me. But small glimmering bits of light may circle such ominous events and this show is an example. 20% of sales go to the Audobon Society of Portland which does some very fine work. Not that they can do anything to slow the crisis or even make a dent, but we must look for light wherever we find it, especially in the dark.

Kevin Sloan  "Birds of America: Memorabilia"   acrylic on canvas  20" x24"
Juan Travieso  "Endangered Bird #130"  acrylic and ink on yupo  10" x 10"

Neal M. Perry  "Abyss (Polar Bear & Mangrove Rat Snake)"  acrylic on wood 13" x 23"

 Annie Owens  "Island"  watercolor and acrylic on paper  24" x 16"
Josh Keyes  "The Messengers"  acrylic on wood  12" x 20"

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