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Thursday, January 16, 2014

David Blackwood

"March Wesleyville, From Bennetts High Island" 1976

"Fire Down in Labrador"  32" x 20"  1983

"The 'Friend' Bound for Labrador"  20" x 32"  2007

"Hauling Job / Sturges house"

"Visitation on Bragg"  20" x 16"  1997

While I usually post current work by younger newer artists, I am occasionally made aware of my profound ignorance of older successful living artists. David Blackwood is a case in point. His piece "Hauling Job/Sturges House" was featured on the cover of E. Annie Proulx's famous novel "The Shipping News" back in 1993. But I just wasn't paying attention. Well now I am. His narrative prints capture the history, myths, legends and life of the seafaring people of Newfoundland. It's beautiful and haunting.

You can find out more about the artist at his website: www.davidblackwood.com
But if you want to see more work you'll have to troll through the many galleries that carry it. Among them are:

Thank you Mr. McDevitt for the heads up.

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