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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winter 2013

I've always found the the starkness of winter landscapes compelling. Here's a collection of wintry images to enjoy. Click on each artist's name to link back to my original post on their work. And I'll be back with new art after the holidays.

Mark Thompson
"Be Lost In Me"  painting  50" x 66"  2009

Chester Arnold
"60 years in the Forest"  72" x 60"  oil on linen  2012

Dina Brodsky
"Trading Post"  oil on mylar  8x8 inches

Leonid Tishkov
Private Moon series - "Moon and Hunter"

Suichi Nakano
"Till Find The Forest"  oil on canvas  91 x 116.7cm  2010

Sonja Hinrichsen
Snow Drawings - Rabbit Ears Pass, CO - Jan. 29, 2012

Aron Wiesenfeld
"The Wedding Party" oil on canvas  70" x 95"

Peter Rotter
Deep Snow 48×60 Oil on Canvas 2009
For more winter paintings click here!

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