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Monday, August 5, 2013

Damon Kowarsky

"Istanbul I"  etching and aquatint from 6 copper plates  22.5 x 47cm

"Blackbird" with Kyoko Imazu etching & aquatint from 2 copper plates  32x21cm

"Night March"  with Kyoko Imazu  etching & aquatint from 2 copper plates  32x21cm

"Spring Street"  etching & aquatint from 2 copper plates  32x34cm

"Shalami Bazaar"  charcoal on paper  109x240cm

I posted Damon Kowarsky's work way back in June 2009. He's kept busy since then. His career has taken him all over the planet. He studied in Scotland and Australia and taught art in Pakistan. He worked on an archaeological dig in Egypt, and has executed work based on travels in Japan, Korea and the United States. At the center of all his work is the city, sometimes modern, but more often the ancient cities he's visited in his travels, ancient cities that stand as living links to the archaeological artefacts he has occasionally illustrated for scientific publication. He has a knack for expressing architecture not as the perfect straight lined preplanned illusion of blueprints and conceptual renderings, but as the organic evolving things they actually are. Sometimes the city is portrayed for it's own sake, for the love of it's rooftops and windows and labyrinthine complexities. But in much of his work he invites figures, both human and animal to enter the urban realm in scenarios ranging from the ordinary to the dreamlike and surreal.
You can see more at hs website: www.damon.tk

And if you happen to be in Melbourne anytime in the next couple of weeks he currently has new work showing in Armadale at Gallery 1156.

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