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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sebastián Velasco

"Bajo Las Gradas del Plantío"  oil on canvas  72 x 115cm

title unknown   size unknown

"Donostiako Portua" (Post of San Sebastian)  oil on canvas  81 x 65cm

"Pasillo" (Hallway)  oil on canvas  80 x 100cm

"N-1"  oil on canvas  60 x 80cm

I stumbled across Sebastián Velasco's work on Flickr a while back. I can't find any other website or galleries with his work. But he's posting new stuff, so if you're on flickr, make him a contact. If not, well just go look. This is good solid painting, with deft, confident brushwork and solid compositions. Subtle hue and value contrasts create some beautiful lighting effects. For the most part this is simple straightforward observational work about everyday life in a mostly urban environment. The work also includes some portraiture, depictions of soccer and one study of grapes. There's no overarching themes or agendas, just the desire to capture the world in paint. He occasionally strays into stylization and caricature and this variability suggests to me that the artist is still pretty young, just flexing his abilities and trying to figure out what works best for him. I could be totally wrong, but the first of his 36 images was posted just last year. If I'm right, I'm guessing he has a long successful career to look forward to.
and for an interesting contrast you can look at his graffiti work here: www.flickr.com/photos/sebasura1
my apologies for the delay. I should have another new post later this week.

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