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Monday, March 12, 2012

Rob Licht

"Aquifer" stainless steel  17" x 16" x 15"  2003

"Heart of Gold"  steel, plaster, gold leaf, velvet  5" x 8" x 16"  2009

"The Landing"  stainless steel, steel  17" x 14" x 3"  2009

"The Landing"  detail

I apologize for my lengthy absence. I spent 4 weeks at a residency in south central Oregon called Playa Summer Lake. One of the other artists there was Rob Licht, a sculptor and teacher from Ithaca, New York, whose work is generally some kind of response to the physical environment, either in the form of poetic reflection and appreciation of the landscape, or commentary on our increasingly dysfunctional relationship with it. His heart series, of course, deals with an inner landscape. While his range and interests extend far beyond what you'll find on his website it's a great place to start: roblicht.com
You can see a bit more at his gallery: www.tappanzgallery.com

But I hope you'll spend a bit of time looking through his blog. He'll be at Playa for another 4 weeks. I'm anxious to see what new ways he'll find to react to the wide open spaces of this Basin and Range landscape, so different from the wooded hills of upstate New York. Below are a few of his examples of what kept him busy while I was there.

"Space available"  charcoal and graphite on paper  2012

"Reversal of Scale"  rocks on ice  2012

"Reversal of Scale"
"True North"

"Walking a Grid"

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