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Monday, November 7, 2011

Sarah Williams

"Clarence"  2011  oil  24"x24"

"Paint Booth"  2011  oil  30"x30"

"Pavement 5"   2011  oil  12"x12"

"Brookfield Satellites"  2011  oil  12"x12"
"Sprague's Locker"  2010  oil  18"x30"

Anyone who has seen my own work will understand the appeal for me in Sarah Williams's night scenes. Artificial lights all have their own signature spectrums, some close to white, others eerily extreme, saturating all within their reach in a sickly range of reds and ochers or cold and unforgiving greens and blues. Sometimes several different light sources vie against each other. But the darkness, is the defining element of night. And the stillness that emanates from it. These are quiet scenes, not of nature, but of completely man made structures and environments. The people are absent. For night is also the time when we sleep, and even the places that we build appear to dream.
You can see more at her website: sarahwilliams-paintings.com
Her work was also included in the recent issue of New American Paintings (#96)

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