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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Philip Govedare

"Excavation #4"  oil on canvas  70" x 64"  2010

"Excavation #5"  oil on canvas  48" x 90"  2010

"Excavation #6"  oil on canvas  66" x 59"  2010

"Project #3"  oil on canvas  70" x 64"  2010

"Tundra"  oil on canvas  19" x 80"  2010

Philip Govedare's paintings describe vast open alien landscapes, the kind of thing one expects to see beamed back to us from low orbiting satellites sent to Io or Ganymede. But for the hinted ribbon of a road here and there they could be just that. But scenes of mountain top removal in West Virginia or the Canadian tar sands can seem equally strange, and despite the grim message of their existence there is something awesome and fascinating to them as well. These paintings, largely imagined, capture that sense of awe struck wonder and appalled disbelief at what we are capable of, transforming the very surface of the planet on which we live. They are a fascinating meditation on what a landscape means.
To see more go to: www.philipgovedare.com

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  1. Des illusions de paysages intéressantes... Des couleurs qui enchantent et qui entraînent le regard.
    Gros bisous